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"I hired Gospel Essence for my father’s 60th Birthday for a surprise doorstep performance. The choir came to our address holding several large balloons and really made my father feel special by not only performing several renditions of ‘Happy Birthday’ but also singing my father’s favourite song, Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On’. It is something he will never forget. I will definitely be booking Gospel Essence again, they did an amazing job!"

Paul Barker   

“I chose a Beyonce song to walk down the aisle to and the arrangement was lovely, It make me cry as I walked down the aisle, just as well I was wearing waterproof mascara! Our guest commented all day how lovely it was to have a choir. Thanks for making our day special.’’

Phil Cortez, Producer   
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"For the short time I have been involved with Vision, you have been inspirational and truly professional. I feel privileged to have sung in a choir under your direction. I am old enough to have sung in many choirs and rate you as the best for what you have done in so short a time. It will be very hard to replace you unless Gareth Malone is going to apply." God Bless

Ror Fitchew, Vision Choir   

‘’I just wanted to let you know we had an amazing day...Gospel Essence; if I were to use words like ,amazing, stunning, sensational, professional this would only describe 10% of what I thought of these amazing ladies ….audience loved them. Made me shiver with excitement. …. I loved every minute of them. Outstanding. ”

Gino, A Satisfied Client   
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"Rebecca and Gospel Essence really have been a joy for me to work with. I wanted to create an uplifting climax to one of my songs and knew that it needed a good Gospel Choir to add those magic emotive vocals and Gospel Essence really delivered! GE learned the harmonies to their part of the song very quickly and were consummate professionals in the recording studio, warming up and then laying down some fantastic vocals in good time. The resulting sound was outstanding and I've since worked successfully with Gospel Essence on a number of other projects. A great outfit."

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“Gospel Essence sang their hearts out all day and helped to create a really wonderful atmosphere for participants and spectators. Our runners had been working really hard training and fundraising, so it meant a lot to them to have such a great team of volunteers there to support them on the day. The choir chose a great set list with some really inspirational songs, and they got the whole crowd going! Shelter are really grateful for their support and it’s thanks to them that the day was such a huge success”.

Molly White Community and Events Assistant